Welcome to Carmela's Long Beach California realty website; your source of local real estate knowledge. Here you will find all you need to know before buying or Selling your home, land or investment property in Long Beach, and the surrounding cities. 

In today's uncertain, and wildly fluctuating real estate market, Home sellers may find themselves stuck with a house that does not sell. Or they realize, too late, that they sold their home for less than what they could have. Home buyers are just in the opposite situation. If they are represented by an agent whose knowledge goes only as far as the multiple listing page, the buyer will most likely pay more for their new home than they should have. All of this must, and can be avoided if you work with a diligent and knowledgeable Real Estate Agent.

A professional Real Estate Agent is valuable only if, among other capabilities, she has the specific knowledge of the community she is active in. The agent must strive to add value to her clients by being very familiar with the houses that are available for sale in that local market. And by being intimately familiar with the unique features of each house, the agent can guide the buyer to never over-pay for the house he buys; and advise the seller about the delicate balance between his desire to get the highest price for his house, and the expectation to sell it quickly.

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